Friday, April 23, 2010

April Giveaway!


Congratulations to the winner, Christina! The winner was chosen totally at random (or at least as random as the "random name picker" from could be), I entered all three names in and only chose once is proof:

Be sure to enter your name in my next giveaway...from the way things have been going you will probably have at least a 25% chance to win...maybe. I better check that math. is letting me give away 250 stickers/labels and I get to decide who gets them! (Well actually a random name picker will decide)

Anyway these stickers (or labels) are pretty legit, you can get them in 3 different sizes (2x3.5, 2x4, 3x3) and they are on 70lb matte coated paper. They are full color front, and obviously blank on the back...

So if you were needing labels (or stickers) for work, a party, organizing, or you just want to have 250 stickers with your name on them...then just leave a comment saying what you would use the stickers for. If you don't know what to do with 250 stickers, then steal someone else's idea...

This giveaway ends on April 28th so...get those comments in...

Other details:
Specification: 6 Business Days Turnaround

Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping

Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only (Sorry Canada). Must be 18 years old and up (Sorry minors).


  1. Just today, I was telling my fiancé that we should get stickers professionally printed for our wedding I guess you know what I would use them for!

  2. Two hundred and fifty people would LOVE my farewell and post-college information... smacked on their foreheads.

  3. I would use these for labels on water bottles! yaaaa